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Made in Hongkong 2013-12-08 23:03:44 talked about Hongkong, we will stick to this city on a variety of labels, the "Oriental Pearl", "young and dangerous", "Hom", "Stephen Chow", "four kings", or even "restaurant", "old", "CLOT" this kind of forms of cultural accumulation together to form the unique culture of Hongkong. Once Hongkong for Chinese people is strange and mysterious, even curious, like Ai-Jing in "my 1997" to 1997 "as soon as possible to it, I can go to Hongkong, 1997 as soon as possible to it, so I can stand in the Coliseum" Hongkong has returned to China in 16 for years, but people feel Hongkong is still so fresh. Like this pair of shoes New Balance MT580 FGXX, although from a historical perspective, New Balance best spokesperson in Hongkong should Eric Kot, but this time the Fingercroxx has set up more than 10 years of the original brand in Hongkong and New Balance cooperation is how 16 years ago people met for the first time in Hongkong, make people feel fresh and curious. challenging classic in the two parties to cooperate, choose a pair of shoes can reflect the characteristics of the two sides is the first thing you want to do. Prior to this, both domestic and Hongkong joint projects, have not chosen MT580 as a joint shoe. Choosing a pair of super classic shoes in a brand to implement joint planning is actually a double-edged sword. The advantage lies in the high awareness of classic shoes, more easily accepted by the public; the disadvantage lies in the classic shoes before the image created is too deep, after the work out, it may be difficult to swing out of the shadow of the previous generation. This time, Fingercroxx formally made such a risky move, using MT580 as the blueprint to complete the first cooperation with New Balance. In fact, for Fingercroxx, MT580 is also the m cheap air jordans ost appropriate choice. As a street style clothing brand, choose a pair of shoes exude Street flavor, is the temperament of Fingercroxx; from inception to now more than 10 years, is also closely follow the trend of the rhythm, the early Fingercroxx product shows more slide characteristics, along with the time change, we see more military style and outdoor style Fingercroxx products on the shelves. MT580 is also a retro style that tends to be outdoorsmarket time: November 1, 2012 retail price: RMB 760 yuan this winter in November, with the American occupation basketball league season officially sounded the opening whistle, Adidas designed for love basketball players and the fans inside the Flight fight design Path series basketball shoes are officially listed, this dual heritage center blood inside the shoes, with its excellent shape and high cost. Thousands of fans will receive attention and love. shoes design, Flight Path followed the top signature shoes adiPower Howard 3 design concept, the same movement in this season's hottest camouflage pattern with three anti fringe elements make the whole shoe money revealed a hint of wild, reflect the inside players against fear and tear to destroy all domineering attitude. The camouflage pattern is designed to highlight the next year can not be ignored in Adidas products, games such as the battlefield, wearing camouflage patterns inside players like a giant box to guard their territory and are taking both on offense or defensive end. shoes science and technology, Flight Path excellent slow shock performance and wear and tear with the combination of the combination of the inner line shoes name to the real. The players surrounded by ankle protection in the paint for no one can be the enemy menace from the rear. It symbolizes the three stripes of Adidas classic materi jordan shoes online sale al, selects functional fabric configuration, good air permeability, and enough support for vamp, so that the wearers' feet are always comfortable and dry, so that they can really enjoy the happy experience that basketball brings to them. , the Flight Path of the excellent lineage of the successor center, has been listed, with the color of each team in the NBA, and the team center chooses the new season for the season. The ultimate performance of inheritance, choice, Flight Path will become the indispensable professional basketball shoes are the bright spots in this winter. (Editor: not worth talking about)Nike one of the most classic "SAFARI" texture has recently been applied to the Max 1Deluxe Air, and the introduction of a new color design "Cobalt Safari Hyper". The whole with a black color as the foundation of the shoe body selected leather as well as small suede combination and, of course, also attached layer with concave convex texture "safari" texture to echo the theme, the contrast at the same time, the bottom is equipped with a white bottom; as for the heel of the logo, perforation of the top of the shoe and the outer sole and position were added to the blue details foil. Interested friends of the new color matching can be purchased through the designated NSW stores. we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel "attention" DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother? source: HBNike Dunk High recently launched a new product color, this shoe body with black suede leather collocation material package, full of fresh pine green laces and lining if it is eye-catching, so loose green background white Swoosh is another highlight of this section. The gray midsole was joined with a white break design, while the outsole was still loose, green and bright. The jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black price is expected to be $85, and friends like you can pay attention to it. 2012-11-25 08:21 upload and download attachments (103.37 KB) 2012-11-25 08:21 upload download attachment (127.54, KB) Vans Vans Vault launched a new high-end line of "Brushed Camo" shoes series in the near future, this is a continuation of the previous Vans cooperation with well-known leather manufacturers Horween program, using a variety of different type of shoes Sk8 Vans classic Mid HW LX, HW LX and Piragua HW 106 Moc, LX, Horween and the supply of high-quality leather suede making special color camouflage patterns add a texture to the shoes, and the Piragua HW LX and the 106 Moc HW LX with Mocassin as the moccasin toe design, and with the Vans logo white waffle vulcanizates outside the bottom, to create a unique Hi-Street texture, and the "Brushed Camo" series of shoes will be sold in Vans Vault designated merchants in this year's holiday season before selling Holiday. 2012-9-27 08:46 upload and download attachments (108.6 KB) 2012-9-27 08:46 upload download attachment (125.28, KB) Lunar technology is added to the Nike above is not casual, after Nike Lunar Air Force 1 Nike Lunar sold, perhaps this time the Blazer will be amazing in 2013, this new product is a sample shoes, shoes Nike Blazer shoes classic white leather particles as the main body, collocation of obsidian big Swoosh, grape burst lines and honeycomb heel decoration, royal blue Lunar technology is full of comfort and visual impact. This section of shoes is now available on the eBay dballaholic, like friends can pay attention to. 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (393.43, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (381.59, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (471.64, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and down cheap jordans load attachments at 10:39 (476.82, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (500.29, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (494.35, KB) 2012-5-25 upload and download attachments at 18:36 (56.92, KB) American street skateboard brand Vans will be in the fall of 2012 series of OTW brought "Alcon" shoes, "Alcon" can be said to be a modified version of OTW Alomar's shoes, extended toe design, and reduces the upper ankle part of the filling material, make the shoes look more slender, the "Alcon" shoes, there are two versions, including one with a black leather shoes, collocation of wool fabric toe, another is using a black canvas material, lightweight design simple and I believe we can get love.BAIT X DreamWorks X Diadora joint fund is now available for sale at 2016-06-15 11:02:09 earlier BAIT and DreamWorks join hands with Diadora launched a Kung Fu Panda joint venture, attracted everyone's attention. The Three Party united again brought us a limited double Shrek joint color! Vamp with white as the keynote, with green detail embellishment, leather and canvas material combination use, make it full of sense of movement. The insole Shrek characters, highlight the theme. It is reported that the shoes are now sold at BAIT and designated stores, priced at $220. Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 "MPLS" is now available for sale at 2016-02-12 11:52:19 Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 "LA" has been on the other side of the ocean by many friends back home, in our country, we still did not usher in the official sale of it. Today, foreign officials have launched another color matching 2K4, and instantly made domestic friends' discontent reach the summit! Inspired by the Losangeles Lakers' predecessor, the main colors of the Minneapolis lakers. In the upcoming retirement of Kobe, we can usher i Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale n a variety of classic color matching of the shoes, which is also the best tribute to the legendary people. The shoes are now officially on sale in North America, $150, number 308475-002. announced with the ASEAN countries and the Hongkong Monetary Authority signed the Chiang Mai initiative multilateral agreement, a $120 billion Asian regional foreign exchange reserve was formally established and operation. This marks a major step forward in Asia's financial cooperation. Can China accelerate the internationalization of RMB after the China ASEAN free trade area is launched? Can businesses get real good results? the most cattle merchant, we only use RMB to settle Guangzhou City Tongde shoe base manager Ling Zhiqiang said that some of the stronger foreign trade, especially those who recognize the Chinese shoes have changed the foreign currency settlement method. "I accept foreign trade orders here only RMB, US dollars and euros aside."!" Xicheng shoes Plaza has become the most cattle merchants, shouted in 2009 the most emboldened words. "we want the RMB settlement pilot to cover private enterprises."!" Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association Secretary General Wu Hang said that the RMB is really a good news for enterprises in Guangdong, but the current settlement pilot enterprises are state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises accounted for more than 50% of the number of enterprises in Guangdong, hope that the private enterprise can also share a cup of soup. expert point of view; RMB appreciation of 20%; "the China ASEAN Free Trade Zone" is definitely good news." Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association President He Guiling said, ASEAN is an emerging market, a large population, there is a great potential for consumption, for the production of low-end sho Cheap jordans online es in Guangdong enterprises, is a very ideal market. At present, Guangdong shoes account for 50% of China's output, accounting for 30% of the world's total, and more than 10000 shoe enterprises are eyeing the Southeast Asian market. "Southeast Asia will take the lead in accepting Renminbi."." Professor Yang Fan, an economist at China University of Political Science and Law, said that the closer the economy to China, the faster the pace of accepting the yuan would be. At present, the RMB settlement in China's Hongkong region has become a reality, with the establishment of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, Southeast Asian countries will gradually accept the rmb. In the future, as China's economy and productivity continue to improve, the RMB still has a 20% expected room for appreciation. : as long as appreciation exists, the peripheral economies will be happy to hold the renminbi. "I expect within 5 years the renminbi will be unimpeded in Southeast Asia."." (Editor: admin) recently, when the media reported on the enterprises in Guangdong, they pointed out that some shoes and textile enterprises were suffering from production and management, and a large number of enterprises moved out and even closed down. Reporters on the export of Guangdong province enterprise management status, enterprise bankruptcy and relocation was carried out on the basis of field investigation, interview from Guangdong, many NPC deputies and CPPCC members, a part of business failures, the relocation of the truth. On behalf of members, this is the result of the combination of the survival of the fittest in the market, the cost of resources, taxation and the adjustment of industrial policies, and so on. The nature is the inevitable process of the industrial gradient transfer. - outside the province set up factories: relocation of the main form of is located in Guangdong, Dongguan Delta Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan funded enterprises, from 2004 onwards, the company began in Hunan and other mainland provinces to invest in factories. Manufacturing general manager Huang Lukun told reporters, by the rising resource prices, labor costs and other factors, will continue to set up more branches in the mainland. chose more than one company to set up factories outside the province. In recent years, many manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have experienced similar developments with delta enterprises. They have set up branches in overseas and inland areas. In terms of relocation, it mainly includes migration in Guangdong Province, domestic migration and migration to Southeast Asian countries and some developing countries such as vietnam. Domestic migration is mainly to lower production costs or more favorable policies in other provinces." NPC deputy, Galanz Guangdong Group Co., Ltd. director of Intellectual Property Office Wang Longxia told reporters. member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of Guangdong Foreign Investment Enterprises Association Liang Weihao said that due to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries and some developing countries have advantages in resources and manpower cost, and is affected by China's processing trade industry policy uncertainty and other factors, some enterprises in Guangdong have or plan to Southeast Asian countries and other developing countries to invest in. , however, the number of enterprises moving out is not much. A survey of Guangdong province shows that in 2006, a total of 119 enterprises in Shenzhen had been or planned to move out, involving industrial added value accounted for only 0.95% of the city's industrial added value. Among them, 144 investment in Shenzhen's "world's top 500 enterprises" no relocation. In 2007, 909 foreign-funded enterprises were cancelled and revoked in Dongguan, 4 in transition, 40 in relocation, more than 700 new in the year, and new enterprises involved in contracted foreign capital far more than cancellation and revocation of enterprises. "From this set of data can be seen, at present the closure and relocation of Guangdong enterprises in labor-intensive" three "enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, and the relocation of the number of enterprises and industrial output accounted for little." Liang Weihao says. "in fact, the move is not accurate, many enterprises are expanding relocation." Guangdong foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Department deputy director Zhong Jianhui said that at present, the relocation of enterprises in Guangdong mainly include adaptive relocation (that is, the overall relocation of enterprises) and expansion of relocation (including management)this is only for reference, the net of their own point of view. night, Beijing, a busy road in the haze. Beijing is worried that too many people have been away from the bike. Photograph: copyright:Kevin Frayer/Getty Images Beijing - in the early morning mist shrouded, Sun Jian in the busy on Beijing's second ring road riding a bicycle. He dodged cars and buses, shuttle in many lanes of traffic. Beijing car too much like a pot of water poured into the bowl, "said the 39 year old sun jian. He crossed the line into the car, bike lanes. Sun Jian is a native of Beijing, is the founder of a popular bicycle club, good luck when, on the way to work, he only needs to endure the traffic congestion and pollution. When bad luck, he will encounter suddenly opened the car door, and also parked in the bike lane drivers quarrel. sun key on the 30 minutes of the journey is very representative, a symbol of China on the road is brewing a battle. With the advancement of China's urbanization and the residents' life, many urban residents have moved to the suburbs far from their work places. The resulting increase in the use of cars, coupled with the situation of China's loose law enforcement, the destruction of the people of the last half century, people ride a bike to work from the traditional. in Beijing, the visibility of the battle are higher than elsewhere. Buses, cars and electric cars are competing for space with the bike. Government data show that at present, only 12% of the people in Beijing to work by bike, in 2000 the proportion was 38%. but now because of the fear of environmental pollution, Beijing on too many people to give up the bike uneasy, hoping to reverse this trend. rider across the busy road traffic in Beijing. According to the data released by the government, there are now 12% commuters bike to work, and in 2000, this number is 38%. Photograph: copyright:Greg Baker/Agence France-Presse (Getty Images )Beijing motor vehicle often blocked, so eager to encourage more people to ride a bicycle to work. The city transportation officials said, hope to 2020, can let people who bike to work to enhance the proportion of 18%. this is a part of Beijing's commitment to promote the "green travel" plan, to improve air pollution and traffic congestion. The pungent often shrouded in haze high-rise buildings of Beijing, sometimes become very serious, leading to an increase in the number of medical treatment. After 1949 years China communist revolution, the bicycle has become an integral part of the China culture. It has sewing machines, watches together known as "the big three", in which each China family should have three essential thing. just twenty years ago, the streets of Beijing or di bell "