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ADV and Palace BOOST after Dorado Skateboards Pro cooperation Palace Boost, Adidas Boost technology into the field again launched a new skateboard shoes, Busenitz Pure Boost. Classical Busenitz shoes now back composed of black suede, through the sutures outline toe sign of lines and three side bar, in the heel into the leather bracket, bronzing logo as the details, and is equipped with the soles of the feet of the boost in the bottom to provide unmatched cushioning Juegan. The new adidas Skateboarding Busenitz Pure Boost will be on sale in Tactics designated shops in December 15th, priced at $130 dollars. Source: TacticsNike Kyrie 1 "Infrared" color material exposed 2015-04-12 12:04:11 Jordan Brand Air Jordan last year to build the "Infrared" series of color shoes, has been widely praised, and as the owner of Nike will not miss the day before the new selling point, the network exposed picture, this is the Nike Basketball for the Kyrie 1 "Infrared" color, the designers use white tongue overall rendering "Infrared", modified the details, the new color to create a different atmosphere for the shoes, the shoes are currently no sale information leaked, but with the curtain opened the playoffs, it will meet with you in the near future. Air Jordan "All-Red" series re jordans on sale mens leases exhibition 2014-09-22 11:22:58 had earlier exposed spy photos of this pair of Air Jordan 11 "All-red", now officially meet with you, it is Nike Chicago in the window display with it is the other 27 generation double positive shoes, but just the commercially available Air Jordan XX9 is absent for this exhibition. The side walls of the "All-Red" color shoes really make people feel very shocked, I wonder whether Jordan Brand will this exciting color series added to the market force, if that day, it will be a "reign of terror" campaign". character is destiny, the same is true for the NBA superstars, they may not play real defects, because of their personality will decide their style of play. Sometimes honor is on the one hand to prove the athlete career success, but overall evaluation would be added to the personality of the person brings all sorts of effects like Magic Johnson if not a good color wouldn't relationship of his career, Kemp if not drinking wouldn't be ahead of the fall, the superstar personality defect is sometimes fatal. 1. - for Hardenis not in the league now harden not love "struggle" of the family? Perhaps for harden to the position of the boss still need time of, but you couldn't see him because his teammates to make mistakes and to shout cheap foamposites or dissatisfaction, he just do on the pitch he can do things, if only a single indisputable heart is no way when a true leader. 2. Ross: stubborn even this season to return to the field, Ross or pay high difficulty movement, all shocks do not stop, take a look at Ross predecessors wade for the continuation of a career to make the patient, Ross's stubborn or become his biggest career personality defects, if not so just fierce, then he would not so early fall. 3. long, lonely and vulnerable paranoid grew up to like himself and himself talking to himself and his own play Lang, is one of the reasons for the rapid collapse of the green army. That year and three giants together he didn't suppressed, O'Neal said Rondo is paranoia and the latter gladly accepted rivers let him control his emotion but retorted, Obama jokingly said Rondo "pretending to be clever". It also confirms the why present on Rondo so concerned about their own data and performance, and he team the better the worse the roots of the problem. 4. Deron Williams - introverted and tangled emotional Williams is that adaptability is not strong, but also greatly influenced by emotion. Sir after the transfer from the once and Paul once flush super bit disappeared, then Deron Williams did not have the heart qi, jordans on sale online his introverted bad words and tangled emotions always pinned down by his talent until now to disappear. 5. - Westbrook extremismWestbrook mapped directly on the field out of his personality, extremism is Westbrook occupation career really should face the problem. He never changes his style of play, even the threat of injury occupation career too, if you can do not choose, can only seek in song, perhaps Westbrook career will be more successful. 6. cousins -- never mind hidden in a barrel of powder just look at Cousins this year's growth is obvious to people, he has even seen as a true alliance first center. But...... Test Sixin 〉 SimHi Bad boy Hi Bad girl a short article let you know Wu Yifan is how to say 6 PG one mice show fancy flow ha ha, Xiaobian write a few words to unable to restrain the emotions, you have Freestyle? started to see when there is "China" hip hop, What? I only see them dress brand?? LV, Gucci, Vetements? Wow, Supreme Air, Jordan?. white - red flowers will _BrAnTB white, with PB R& amp; style; B, has a sexy deep voice, and solid rap strength, attracted a large wave of fans. When opening a , white dress is bright blind passers-by eyes, a Superme what is hidden, rich two generations long diffuse breath. Versace glasses + Beats + jordan 3 katrina 2018 424 + Versace headset silver jacket ring + white T-shirt + OFF-WHITE + Nike Air Uptempo black trousers Gucci +Gucci glasses scarf + green sweater + shorts socks +Gucci +Gucci canvas shoes Do you want PG one next to the husband, 2012 as Battle MC officially entered the rap with continuous in the Northeast" Iron Mic" "ahead of the East" "dog dog" rap "eight miles" and other major Freestyle Battle champion + C2H4 + HATSON hat wearing sweater pants + Raf Simons x adidas upon Ozweego 2 HATSON +C2H4 +C2H4 hat body coat pants + Raf Simons x adidas Ozweego 2 PG One - C2H4 kermit psyche is a word with the dance "baby garden" Ai Fu Jeni stubborn studio Supreme x The North Face 17ss your goddess -VAVA, the country's top 9 only female athletes, it is a big beauty, she was fascinated entranced. Supreme x lacoste MAMC VAVA put on really good to see ah. "China has so many excellent" hip hop rapper, you 〉 shoes circle has been circulating this sentence: save the color shoes. In recent years, black and white hot, as if all the fashion elements cannot do without the two colors. But speaking at the sneaker position of the heart, white and red color of the position and cannot easily be shaken, because this is not just a feeling it is because, also in line wit Retro jordans for sale h the color white and red shoes to save this unwritten law. let Xiaobian talk from air jordan, the breakdown of those years is white and red aj. air Jordan 1 chicago in fact, strictly speaking, Chicago is not pure white and red color, but whether this is this pair of shoes in the shoe industry's position, or sneaker on its popularity, and the most important is white and red in the use of these shoes, there is a reason for many small to take it put the. in the first. as the air Jordan's first signature shoe, a aj1 classic has needless to say, we are going to talk about color. On a white background with red black Nike Swoosh just perfect, logo, and black shoes shoes can enhance the collocation of. Air Jordan 1 OG Chicago air jordan 2 fire red aj2 has not been what hot shoes, because shoes not so pleasant, so is not welcomed by most people. And in small series, each pair of Air Jordan has its own beauty. When the white and red color and aj2 meet, originally slightly bulky toe also lively, red tongue the wing let this pair of shoes are out of place. The refreshing summer wear white and red color must be the most appropriate. air jordan 4 Alternate 89As one of the most popular shoes aj4 AJ series welcome, no matter what color can have its own unique charm. this pa jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ir of the 4 generation of the basketball gods have exclusive PE color into the market, compared to the fire red color, the new color more white, more pure white white leather shoes style. For a large area of the body of the shoe, red contrast detail embellishment, color contrast is very brisk, either the last tour or on foot, releasing a strong dynamic atmosphere air Jordan 6 Alternate 91 also ranked in the forefront as sales of shoes, aj6 in the yen value do not lose any generation. This pair of air Jordan 6 Alternate 91 with a new leather texture and details in the inner side of the tongue tongue, and you can see that there are 1991 words, it also shows that Jordan himself on the foot of this pair of shoes of the year. A light and refreshing vamp is showing a punching fine texture, fitness red details support lining, let this pair of shoes has become a favorite. sneaker"Jinjiang business cost comparative analysis," the report pointed out: Jinjiang business costs and Kunshan, Shunde and other regions compared to the competitiveness of the obvious gap, but in the top 100 counties in a better position. From the analysis of the business cost, we can see that Jinjiang is in the middle of industrialization, so it is urgent to upgrade the industry and adjust the indus Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale trial structure. Jinjiang at the middle level of analysis of the comprehensive indexes, Jinjiang because of wage level, production cost and management cost is low, and the rigid business cost is ranked five in the city of fourth, has a competitive advantage, but the low level of wages, but also reflects the transformation of industry is not fast enough, the overall quality of the labor force is still in a relatively low level. From the soft business cost point of view, Jinjiang due to lack of human resources, technological innovation ability, the financing environment is not optimized and ranks the five city second high, and there is a big gap between Shunde, Kunshan, Yinzhou. comparative analysis shows that the comprehensive business cost of Jinjiang is in the middle reaches, which is higher than that in Kunshan and Shunde, lower than in Yinzhou and Rongcheng, and is basically consistent with the actual situation. Overall, although five cities due to economic development level, geographical location and the local population, cultural differences, business cost level is not a business environment, the advantages and disadvantages of different, but Jinjiang and Kunshan, Shunde and other ten counties in the country there is a certain gap, especially in the pref cheap air jordans erential policies, human resources and technological innovation ability etc. in the shade that is, the Jinjiang foreign investment in the "weakness". business cost has the advantage of Jinjiang business costs are high on land prices, labor costs, consumption levels, etc., can it be concluded that the investment environment in Jinjiang is not competitive? Chen Shi, director of the Jinjiang Statistics Bureau in charge of the report, thinks the answer is negative. Chen pointed out that, for investors, if the return on investment is high enough or the output is large enough, then his concern about business costs will be reduced accordingly. Studies have shown that the land prices and wages in enterprises has negative effects on small city investment, but the positive effect on business investment in big city, big city because of strong purchasing power of the people and the size of the market will bring agglomeration effect more return. The advantages of compared to Jinjiang, although Jinjiang's land prices because of the scarcity of land resources and rising labor costs due to the upgrading of the industrial structure and continue to improve, but Jinjiang's infrastructure improvement, industrial supporting ability, active and open market development degree is air jordan 11 space jam for sale high, more importantly, government policies more transparent standard of administrative examination and approval procedures simplified, tracking service is in place, therefore, Jinjiang's comprehensive business costs may be lower, the investment environment is actually more competitive. industry should be re positioning goes through many)Following the successful launch of Dunk Low Nike SB Orange Box, and the choice of high help for the design of the prototype, design inspirations silver shoe box, launched under this new version. This section uses the grey suede material composed of shoe body, with the green Swoosh and laces, finally with shoebox patterned heel. item: 313171-039 release date: October 29th nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-2.jpg (68.13 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date.jpg (37.51 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date-1.jpg (57.09 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date-2.jpg (98.58 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Du buy cheap jordans online nk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date-3.jpg (130.49 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload previously, we have reported information about nike lebron 13 "lava", the shoes will in March 2016 9 to $200 price foreign sale, with red splash sprinkle paint to express lava theme is very fit. source: sneakerbardetroitIn June this year, the DMP Defining suite Moments Pack champion has brought clear pictures of Air Jordan 13 "DMP", which is another member of the Air Jordan 14 "DMP" today ushered in the complete Mami debut! uses Air and Jordan 13 color contrast scheme, the Air Jordan 14 "DMP" in black as the main colors, and almost black throughout! Unique texture good leather black, is exposed to the outside, becoming the basis of low-key and luxurious. Shield logo of the shoe body and the bottom details in gilt decoration, low-key and bring dazzling flash, echoing the theme of championship glory. this package will be available in June, every pair still priced at $$250, then it should also be China landing area, we will also pay close attention to! number: 487471-022 release date: June price: $250 this month is really a joint outbreak ah, today announced its Supreme and Vans debut this year. But there are three days (March 21st), Vans Syndicate and Harmony Korine the highest regional syndicate jointly going on sale in Vans designated shops, the two sides to Slip-On "S" Authentic "S" and "syndicate" two pairs of shoes as a prototype. Harmony Korine though as a film, but I love skateboarding, he can slide into ingenious elements in the movie art, the two pairs of shoes are known by Vans checkerboard pattern, collocation of different colors, and painted, then mix grey suede soles made of transparent crystal bottom is more of a surprise, through the transparent sole, can see the beautiful and colorful hand-painted designs. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogNIGEL SYLVESTER: MAKE IT ON THE STREET 2014-05-06 22:42:17 "Size & middot; Size" went to Brooklyn exclusive interview with Nike BMX rider Nigel Sylvester Although it is known from the five boroughs of New York City, composed, but the impression of foreign visitors to New York only confined to Manhattan, Queens, for such a situation is particularly unfair, you know, was born in Queens, but a legendary cradle, positive These legends are created today in New York City and even the status of the United States. Run DMC, LL Cool J, Nas, 50 Cent, they also either born here or here and grow, they write the history of Hip-Hop gold chapter; Gutter Jabbar, Alston Alston, controversy Metta World Peace King, Queens bred these basketball superstar basketball childhood dream; Lucy Liu, grew up in New York has the second largest Chinatown in Queens, became the pride of ethnic Chinese movie star. And Nigel Sylvester, in Jamaica, Queens grew, Nike's most popular BMX rider; Gatorade as he launched a limited edition package individual; and G-Shock's two joint can be described as hard to find a table. He almost did not participate in any BMX contest, he does not need to prove himself in that kind of game, because the street is his arena, he only streets and students. He had his own way of writing a brilliant Queens, BMX for him like those legendary Queens district microphone from the MC, 5 Pointz graffiti artist hands painting maker. Forbes recently released a set of new sports community survey reported that the report is weekly statistics all global sports teams, so that we somewhat surprised that Paris Saint-Germain ranked first, its average weekly salary is $ 174,692. As the world's first sport of football, in the parts list of the top 12 in eight seats occupied, instead of the first football team belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the basketball team returned to belong to the "Tyrant" Brooklyn Nets team. Nike KD 6 & quot; Easter & quot; available information exposure 2014-05-06 22:46:04 This year Nike Basketball & quot; Easter & quot; Easter theme among your favorite shoes which double it? As Easter theme priced shoes in the most populist Nike KD 6 & nbsp; & quot; Easter & quot;, shoes color is very attractive, with three different shades of green to create upper and lining, shoes and rabbits graffiti dotted pattern , shoes will soon be on sale, like a friend, please pay attention. Nike KD 6 & quot; Easter & quot; Number: 599477-303 Release Date: April 18, 2014 Sale price: $ 130 New Balance 996 "Gold Pack" exposure 2013-12-08 23:02:39 New Balance 996 fans in the hearts of the majority of NB has a high status, especially Ganso gray color. This time, New Balance launched a 996 "Golden" series, the series includes two pairs of 996 different color. Shoes in gray and black, respectively, based on the "N" logo, followed by the tongue and at the use of the gold to build. Like a friend to look at, this series will be available in the near future.